Play tennis!

Play sport. Actually, just play!

It’s not exclusive to the under 7s, and play has been proven to bring energy and a greater sense of joy to all ages and all abilities.
You might play tennis for fun or for silverware. Either way, playing sport develops and improves our physical, cognitive and emotional self.
Most us know that it feels good to be part of a team, and we are regularly reminded that participating in sport helps us get in shape (and hopefully stay that way). Sport is also a great way to connect with people and become part of a community. You could say that there is so much more to gain than just the game.

So lecture over, back on track or in this case, maybe back onto court.
So you want to play tennis?
For ideas, click on the following links:

Find your nearest court and play today

The Tennis Foundation – Transforming lives through tennis

Enjoy tennis at The Shrewsbury Club, which has some of the best tennis facilities found in the UK.